I saw this stunning girl a while ago. She is even hotter in person! It was a last-minute booking which she is known for apparently.
The thing I remember the most are her boobs. So spectacular! Just the right amount of softness and firmness. And the kissing was sublime. I can still feel her tongue all these weeks later. Her pale milky skin was delicious. I do have a thing for pale girls. So I will not hesitate to see her again.

Thank you Amelia you are delightful

I’ve been lucky enough to see Amelia a couple of times now and am amazed at what an instant connection I felt. Amelia makes you feel like a school boy with their first crush, she is very kind and warm and actually listens and takes interest in the stories you tell her. 1 hour feels like 10 minutes and you find yourself wishing time wasn’t up. She is equally beautiful in nature as she is in looks and an amazing person to escape and unwind with.

After spending months researching girls to find one to spend time with on my birthday I came to the decision to book Amelia. Amelia describes herself as “sugar and spice” and is pretty much on the money. A girl who initially appears shy and sweet with a smile that entices you to want to know more but as time goes by her openness and willingness to explore in the bedroom is mind blowing and leaves you laying there thinking wow wee. Amelia is not only a lot of fun but is a very easy person to talk to and has a way of making you feel relaxed as if just chillin with a friend. Definitely, one to consider if you are after more than just a physical connection.

Amelia claims to be the ultimate experience and I definitely went into the catch up with high expectations. To say she met them would be an understatement! From the very first moment I walked in the door I was impressed. A private, discrete and comfortable location was my first big tick for this girl. Amelia is an exceptional host making me feel very comfortable as soon as I arrived offering drinks, bathroom facilities etc.
We started off just chatting and its safe to say I could have sat there for hours. A very intelligent, down to earth girl who just says it as it is. With time running out we moved things along and oh my god what an experience. A girl who is definitely enjoying her job and makes you feel oh so incredibly!
By far the ultimate GFE from start to finish and one of Adelaides hidden gems.

I had the pleasure of meeting Amelia whilst in Adelaide for work and by far the best experience I’ve had in Adelaide. Amelia is equally intelligent as she is beautiful and definitely one of those rare finds. You instantly feel relaxed and it’s like you are enjoying a wine with a long lost friend. She is warm, friendly and shows genuine interest in the conversation. Despite my work being finished in Adelaide, I find myself flying back whenever I get a spare day to myself to spend with the lovely Amelia Summers. I would definitely recommend her for anybody that’s after a complete experience, you won’t be disappointed!